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Ekspert Giok Mr. Larry Pruitt

Thank you for sending us your photos of your jade carvings. They are very beautiful.You have a very lucky find. They look to be Burmese jade from the color.

Well it sure is odd this was burried in theground. so pretty jade carvings. im sure they are jade. also i found out the words on that carvingfrom my china friend. he wrote: the word of the second one picture, fromthe left to the right, means MingDynasty, Riches and Honour and Lonqevity.

Iam very interested in working with you on this. however as I do not know you, how can we do this business together short of me flying to Jakartato inspect them in person which is an expensive proposition. Please send more information adn Iwill check into it.

Thankyou, Kind regards,

Larry Pruitt